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Tunnel tests

Worried you might have a burst pipe? You want to make sure that the blockage has really been cleared?
Worried that you old pipes may have leaks?

No Problem! Thanks to our optical channel investigation, you can get an idea of the state of your pipes. Our mobile camera technology allows us to examine all the pipes and drains connections conscientiously. The analysis is fully documented by us in the final report. Damage can be localised easily and we can give you an estimate of how much it will cost to repair thanks to this technology.
We can any examine pipes and ducts over DN40. Our camera technology can sometimes not be used for smaller pipes or for sections with 90ยบ bends.
Our qualified team would be delighted to investigate your drain pipes for the hand-over of a new building, for guarantee purposes, to preserve evidence or to search for inconsistencies in the pipe.

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