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Clearing blocked pipes

Do you have problems with clogged pipes and gutters? No mather if its the toilet, kitchen sink or bathroom - We have the solution!
Harness our years of experience, our highly trained craftsmen and first class operating resources! With our special tools, we can clear virtually anything from your pipes and ducts. We use spirals, water or air, depending on the blockage and pipe system. Our qualified personnel will certainly find the right solution for your blockage.

We use size an 8/16 / or 22 spiral, depending on pipe size and texture.Don’t hesitate to make difficult enquiries. We will try to remove any blockages even in the most unusual pipe systems. Whether old or rusted metal pipes, light grey plastic pipes or badly installed pipes, we will do our best even with those problem systems with tight bends and cobbled together “fixes”. In the most difficult cases, we cannot unfortunately offer any guarantees, but we do promise to do our best for you, based on years of experience and up-to-the-minute training.

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