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Refurbishment of defective and rooted sewage pipes without earthwork using the Point-Liner® system.

Do you have problems with broken or rooted sewage pipes? Now there is the solution for repair in closed construction, i.e. without earthworks. With the Point-Liner® system, sewage pipes can be safely and permanently renovated from the inside. The Point-Liner® system has been in existence for over 20 years, has received top marks from the “Stiftung Warentest” of ICT and is already being used in many countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia etc. Now also in Gran Canaria.


Trenchless pipe renovation using the Point-Liner® system places high demands on the executing company and its specialists, both economically and ecologically. Not only trained knowledge and experience, but also innovative technologies and qualified materials are necessary to efficiently carry out high-quality and long-lasting repairs. Conventional measures in open construction (civil engineering, prying open terraces or living rooms) are burdensome for you and your residents - not to mention the costs.
With the Point-Liner® system, single and multiple punctual damage from DN 100 - DN 200 can be repaired easily, safely and permanently. All necessary system components are coordinated and guarantee a high quality result. The Point-Liner® is calibrated using a TV channel camera.
In cooperation with the executing Point-Liner® system partner ARDO-Kanaltechnik (experienced and certified for 20 years) we carry out trenchless sewer and pipe renovations in Gran Canaria.

Possible applications of the Point-Liner® system:
- root ingrowth
- pipe breaks and body formation
- cracks
- leaks
- sleeve offsets, and much more

The Point-Liner® consisting of high-quality polyurethane resin (Multi PL® resin) and PL® glass fiber laminate is positioned at the point (s) to be rehabilitated in the pipe area using the so-called PL® Flexpacker and pressed against the pipe wall using air pressure , After the specified curing time, the PL® Flexpacker is removed from the line. The line can be used again immediately. The Point-Liner® is a self-supporting pipe and has a valid DIBT approval. The Point-Liner® system also has a drinking water approval (BRD).

Our advice:
Since experience has shown that the condition of the sewage pipes in Gran Canaria is sometimes poor, we recommend that you check your sewage pipes using a TV camera in order to identify possible damage at an early stage.

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